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Buckhorn Ridge is my home in the Tennessee hills where I find peace and inspiration to create my unique kiln-formed glass designs.  I describe my studio’s philosophy as an ever-changing journey.  My inspiration for designs comes from the things I love – awesome miracles of nature, powerful works of art, colorful fabrics, vivid images, vibrant places…



Buckhorn Ridge Studio


My work continuously changes and matures as I discover new methods and skills. I use many traditional fused glass techniques but I love making things up as I go and in doing so, creating something fresh and original.  Of course, this reckless abandon sometimes leads to disaster but more often then not it adds an interesting touch to my work.  


When buying from me . . . You are buying more then just an object...You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation... You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy.


You are not just buying a thing.  You are buying a piece of my heart, part of my soul, a moment in my life.  Most importantly, you are buying me more time to do something I am passionate about.

For me, art is always about the experience, the surprise, the aha…never the destination… always the journey – that’s what makes life and art worthwhile! 

I specialize in sculptural and wall mounted works of art.  I also do custom projects such as mirrors, tiles ... just request and we can try.  My work is designed in multiple layers of dichroic and iridized glass, fired 3-4 times for about 36 hours each firing.  I also incorporate Copper and exotic woods to create very unique artwork.



Education:  BA from Miami of Ohio, 5 years apprentice with Master Glassblower and 20 years studio and show experience.


Member of Southern Highlands Craft Guild, Foothills Craft Guild and Tennessee Association of Craft Artists.    Awards:  2016 Best in Show, Fairhope ,AL; 2016 Corporate Purchase Award Mainsail, Tampa, FL; 2014 Best in Glass, The Woodlands, Lexington KY;  2014 Best in Glass Virginia Highland, Atlanta, GA;  2014 Best in Glass, Orange Beach, Al; 2013 Best in Glass, Talbot Street, Indianapolis, IN;  2013, Best in Glass, Orange Beach, AL;2013 & 2010 Best in Craft , Art on Main, Hendersonville;  2012 & 2010 Merit Award , Art in Speed Park; 2010 Third Place, Space Coast Art Festival;  2012 Best in Show &  2010 Artist Choice Award, Dogwood Art Festival; 2013 & 2009 Merit Award of Excellence, Fairhope, AL; 2009 Merit of Excellence, Dogwood Arts, Knoxville, TN;  Best in Media, Duluth, GA;  2008 Best of Show, Art in Speed Park, IN;  Best in Glass, St. Augustine, FL; Merit Award of Excellence, Meccafest, Carrollton, GA; Artist’s Choice, Knoxville, TN Dogwood Festival. In 2007, Best of Show, Knoxville Dogwood Art Festival; Best in Art at the Carrollton, GA  Mecca Art Festival. Permanent Art Collection Carrolton  Cultural Arts Center.


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