"You have no idea how happy we are with the new piece.  We love it.  At night I have a RGB spotlight which changes colors.  It is stunning.  Your piece is in a very loving home.  Thank you for your craftsmanship."   Charles

This client is a collector, world traveller, orchid breeder, more than a Jazz buff and I call him my benefactor.  He has supported me thru the years by purchasing many pieces of my work.

 He researched the art world and feels he has found something unique and special in my work.

4 ft. custom mirror for powder room in Mobile, AL  in a home the owners affectionately called the Paula Marksbury house because of the many pieces they purchased for their new home.  

Four ft. Sconces for home in Mobile, AL

Sconces on stairway to the "man cave"  in Mobile, AL

"Love it, love it, love it!"  


 I love my mirror.   And it always gets complements from anyone who uses my guest bathroom.


Private chapel window night and day as seen on HGTV.

"Here they are in the alcoves.  They look very much at home and we are happy!!  Thanks for adding such beauty to our condo!"

Rosemary and Don

"We love it!!!  Thanks again!"

We really are pleased with this piece Paula.  We Moved it around to different areas to find our favorite spot.


"We purchased a piece of your work Sunday morning at Summerfair.  We have attached a photo.

As you can see from the photo, it is already installed and being enjoyed in our house.  We really love the piece we selected!  

Tim and Janet