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Hocus Pocus
Medium two wave all dichroic glass with copper and exotic wood. Approximately10X26
SOLD but I have one that is similar in slightly different colors.
Amazing Grace
Three wave of iridized glass with dichroic accents. Aproximately 21X57. FOR SALE
Perfect Karma
For Sale
Rebel Heart
Iridized glass panel with dichroic accents, copper and exotic wood. FOR SALE. Approximately 9X24
Southern Comfort 1-2
Two medium waves with similar pattern sold alone or together. Both SOLD but can be made with slightly different coloring and patterns.
Mirror Mirror...
Dichroic framed decorative mirror.Mirror approximately6-7 inches square. FOR SALE
Hallelujah Nights
Large iridized panel with dichroic accents. For Sale
Cosmic Harmony 1
Medium two wave with iridized glass and dichroic accents, copper and exotic wood. SOLD but have larger version and flat panel. 13X 27
Splish Splash
Iridized and dichroic glass framed in side a clear panel of glass . Black and white strings run the the clear glass. SOLD 7X27
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